Breakfasts & lunches

As of October 2 the panoramic City Space Bar & Restaurant works from 11 am and offers late breakfasts and lunches with a view of Moscow from a height of 140 meters.  

(daily 11 am – 4 pm) 
Never work before breakfast. If you have to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first. 
Josh Billings  

Hold a business meeting, meet with friends and treat yourself with a breakfast in the panoramic City Space Bar & Restaurant. Our à la carte menu includes: puffy cottage cheese pancakes with sour cream and cherry jam, rice porridge with lychee and coconut milk, croissant sandwiches with a selection of fillings (ham and cheese, smoked salmon and cream cheese or avocado, tomato and rocket salad), poached eggs with smoked salmon, rocket salad, salmon caviar and Hollandaise or poached eggs with ham and Hollandaise on detox bread. You can also order classic omelet or fried eggs with a choice of fillings. 

We strongly recommend pancakes with salmon and sturgeon caviar to our foreign visitors. 

Natural yogurts, muesli with berries, assorted cheese with grapes and walnuts, seasonal fruits and berries may be offered for light and healthy breakfast. 

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(daily 11 am – 4 pm) 
Lunch hour is the best hour of a day. 

Try delicious Pan Asian cuisine by the Chef of City Space Bar & Restaurant Dmitry Stolbov. The best taste and a beautiful presentation are guaranteed. 

Choose the main dish and compliment it with a starter, salad, soup or dessert to get your personal set menu at the fixed price. 

Starters and salads 
Green salad with soy sprouts, cashews and ginger dressing 
Salad of roasted eggplants with Tofu and Tkemali sauce 
Seaweed and cucumber salad with peanut sauce 
Beef Tataki with fresh vegetables and ginger salsa 
Salmon roll with smoked salmon, rice, cream cheese and cucumber 

Tom Yam 
Miso with mushrooms 
Soup of the day

Main dishes 
Egg noodles with vegetables and Tofu 
Barbecue chicken with rice, honey and sesame 
Fish and vegetables Tempura with Asian sauce 
Fish Burger with steak fries and Tartar sauce 

Fruit tartlet 
Chocolate mousse with banana 
Pistachio roulade with raspberries 

Price of the set: 
2 dishes – 980 RUB 
3 dishes – 1,250 RUB 
4 dishes – 1,450 RUB 

 25% off for beverages is available from 11 am to 4 pm.  

For table reservations please call at: +7 (495) 221 5357 or fill the form on the website.
34th floor of Swissotel Krasnye Holmy
Kosmodamianskaya nab., 52, bld.6
Phone: +7 (495) 221-53-57
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